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RF Bug Detector



  • Frequency: 600Hz-5.4GHz
  • Working Voltage: 3Voltes
  • Working Current: 8mA.
  • Vibration 70mA.
  • Sensitivity: Max 10m depends on the camera or bug in question and power.
  • Color: Bright sliver
  • Dimension: 56 x 90 x 17 mm
  • Dimension of packaging blister box: 85 x 125 x 28 mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Gross weight: 100g

 0162 RF Bug Detector Detection Devices

NEW! State-Of-The-Art Mini Bug Detector. The quality and functions of this unmatched Bug/Phone tap, wired and wireless hidden camera detector is amazing. It is slim, micro, flat, fine looking, and smooth, portable and straight to the job. It performs the same function that the huge and costly old counter-measure equipments do. It detects, verifies and gives accurate bug sounds without any false alarm or reading. It differentiates the sounds of wireless microphones from that of wired and wireless cameras, cordless phones, the real phone-tap and bugs. The manufacturer of this awesome product went extra miles in the technology they implemented in this modern device. It is a must buy for anyone who is concerned about his/her privacy.

Wireless Surveillance Detector User Guide

This product is for all people, no special skill or knowledge pre-requisite.

User guide:

1. Lightly press and open the cover of container, then load 2 AAA batteries into it as marked in the back.

2. Pull out the antenna, put the switch at alarm mode and adjust sensitivity to High grade

3. Hold the detector and move it close up to anywhere you suspect that there is bug.

4. If there is any hidden camera or other RF bug, the indicator light will be on (the nearer you are to the camera, bug/tap, the louder the detector and the better is the indicator light and the stronger is the beep tone also), and the alarm will be triggered.

5. Before you perform your sweep, you need to adjust sensitivity of the device from 'LOW' to high and work your way back to a comfortable adjustment level. You can now move slowly to sweep for bugs by screening your walls, plants, windows, electric outlets, wooden furniture, living room and bedroom decorative materials and much more.

6. For phone tap detection, give your land phone a dial tone by lifting the receiver up. Slowly move the RF Detector very close to the phone in question. If there is no tap indication, touch the phone cords with the device, if there is no sound or vibration, your phone is clear of tap. Apply the same process to your cell phone.


1. After you turn on the bug detector, if the bottom red light is on, it means that power is not full enough, please re-load new battery.

2. After you turn on the device, if it keeps going off and most of the green lights keep coming up at every angle of the sweep location, it means that there are many different wireless wave around the location or there is presence of a very powerful room ambient. In that case, please adjust sensitivity of the device until only one green light shows. You can also set the sensitivity to as low as zero for great performance.

3. Light indication: the green lights will be on from lower end to the top when the device detects Radio or wireless frequencies. Once again, the closer you get to tap or bug, the stronger the sound pitch and the brighter is the green lights. Detection distance is about max 10'. (It depends on the style and the power of the camera or transmitter in question).

4. When it's not used for a long time, please take out the batteries else, the batteries will leak and rupture and may damage the device.

Vibration detecting Model:
When the switch button is put to the up position, it will be set at Vibration detecting model

Silent detecting Model:
Plug an earphone into the earphone jack you could let it be in silence detecting mode. By so doing, you will not give yourself away to the enemy.

How to differentiate wireless camera, from bug and mobile phone:
The frequencies of wireless cameras or bugs are different. The green indicator lights are incessantly on upon detection of any source of RF. The frequency of mobile phone is not as strong as wireless transmitters and wireless cameras. The indicator lights or sounds and the level of vibration will always differ when cell phones are detected. Upon detection of cell phone, all indications will be less strong, unless it is a two watts phone (i.e. Nextel handset).

Who is watching you? Where are the possible places to hide cameras and transmitters?
Cell Phones, pagers, bath rooms, cordless phones, boom boxes,Perfume sprayer, light, ceiling mirror, blowhole, air-condition, cigarette case, bags, vents, shoes etc.

 0162 RF Bug Detector Detection Devices  0162 RF Bug Detector Detection Devices

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