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Fire T-2 Air TASER


 Fire T-2 Air TASER personal protection  Fire T-2 Air TASER personal protection

  • Anti-violent-Multi-Function, Anti-Violence electrode shock gun (Stun Gun).
  • Flexible of using different cartridges according to your purpose.
  • Non-lethal weapon, can be used legally depending on the law and regulations of each country.
  • Design for easy operation and carry.
  • Two-color system for every
 Fire T-2 Air TASER personal protection  Fire T-2 Air TASER personal protection  Fire T-2 Air TASER personal protection

Fires probe up to a distance of 3.5M or 6M, which transmits energy that temporarily overrides the central nervous system of the target causing immediate incapacitation. NEWAGE TECH LTD (NIGERIA)

 Fire T-2 Air TASER personal protection  Fire T-2 Air TASER personal protection

Items 3, 4, 5 and yellow color are bullet cartridges.

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